What We Offer

Gary and Denise Nebeker combine excellent academic training, decades of ministry experience, and a deep knowledge of the souls of leaders. The result is a fresh conversation full of insight, wisdom, and care.

Dr. Gregory E. Ganssle, Professor of Philosophy, Talbot School of Theology

What Are Your Needs?

  • Leadership coaching: Developing effective skills, identifying weariness or anxiety, navigating relational challenges
  • Marriage coaching: Bad dances, communication glitches, personality differences, competing values, health or sexual challenges
  • Premarital coaching: Assessing emotional health, attachment styles, family of origin issues; ensuring vitalized harmony
  • Sabbatical coaching: Preparing leaders for rest, renewal, reflection, recalibration, and re-entry
  • Enneagram coaching: Utilizing the Wagner Enneagram Personality Styles Scales (WEPSS) for both individuals, couples, and ministry teams
  • Team development: Maximizing team unity, purpose, vision
  • Spiritual direction: Discerning the Holy Spirit’s invitational presence for vocation, relocation, or relationships; persevering through Dark Nights, spiritual dryness, besetting sins
  • Relationship conflict resolution: Addressing tensions between pastors, elders, deacons, staff persons, lay-leaders, or congregants
  • Spiritual retreats: Guided one-day, or weekend
  • Men’s pornography recovery: Either with regular one-on-one sessions, or with small groups
  • The Pastor Space: A small-group collective for pastors seeking spiritual renewal
  • Women’s whole person integrity groups: Acquiring elegant confidence and wisdom by means of union with Christ
  • Speaking engagements: Marriage conferences, special topics related to spiritual formation, emotional health, or relational holiness

If any of these speak to a particular need of yours, we want to help.

Please contact us via email: careforleaders@gmail.com or phone: 402-880-8197.

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