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IMG_3504Denise Brown Nebeker has been coaching Christian ministry leaders and pastors of various denominations for over fifteen years. She has served with one of the largest missions agencies in the world. Denise has lived abroad in Russia and the Ukraine. More recently she has traveled to countries in Latin America to coach Christian leaders.

Denise and her husband, Dr. Gary L. Nebeker, spent two seasons serving on the staff of San Carlos Community Church, in Sonora, Mexico. In their ministry there, they sought to broaden the effectiveness of small groups among both North American expatriates and Mexican nationals.

Denise longs to see ministry leaders freed to enjoy their calling. She believes that every leader and spouse in the ministry need someone to walk alongside them, to help identify their strengths, their sticking points, and map out a plan to enjoy all that they were meant to become.

Gary Nebeker is passionate about developing spiritually and emotionally healthy leaders for the church of the twenty-first century. For seventeen years Gary served as Professor of Theology at Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska. As a theological scholar, his research has focused on the nature of spiritual and psychological health, theological anthropology, the history of Christian spirituality, the work of the Holy Spirit in life change, and the relationship between counseling and the spiritual life.

For two winters (2012-13) he served as the Associate Pastor of San Carlos Community Church in Sonora, Mexico.

In the fall of 2014 he assumed the role of Vice-President of Christian Formation and Student Services at Grace University. Dr. Nebeker served in that position for two years (2014-16).

Gary currently serves as the Pastor of Spiritual Formation  at Coram Deo Church (Omaha, NE) where he gives attention to leadership development and the spiritual growth of this vibrant urban church.

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Gary and Denise are both certified spiritual directors. In their leisure time they enjoy travel, good books, music, coffee and the outdoors. They both get energized by “conversations that matter.”

Our Mission

LeaderCare Online exists to encourage the spiritual renewal, emotional health, and relational holiness of Christian ministry leaders and spouses.

How Do We Provide Our Services?

Our services are available face-to-face, through phone, internet access (Skype), and a combination of all the preceding.

Whether locally, nationally, or globally, we seek to provide transformational coaching and spiritual direction for pastors, missionaries, para-church leaders, ministry spouses, and Christian counselors.



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