“We need people who understand leadership, who know the particular challenges leaders face, and who are SAFE to talk to (i.e. they aren’t within our churches). Gary and Denise are people just like that. They’re mature, wise, seasoned saints who listen well and counsel from a gospel-driven, grace-saturated framework.” – Pastor

“Though I was hesitant to ask for help at first, I realized that much of the reason that I’ve felt more secure recently has been because I decided to talk to someone about my struggles. I think that gave me hope for change. When we finally began our online meetings I felt even more encouraged and saw that my fear, of course, was unjustified.  It’s so meaningful for me to have someone to talk to about these things who is not a part of our church and who has wisdom and gifting to counsel pastors.  Thank you for caring about pastors and their families.”   – Pastor 

“I had learned how to parse Koine Greek verbs, quote ancient church fathers, and preach sermons which kept parishioners riveted in the pew, but I knew next to nothing about how to care for myself or my family. I can’t encourage you, the Christian caregiver, enough, to take the first step and get in touch with LeaderCare Online.” – Pastor

“Without a doubt, the coaching I received from Denise and Gary has transformed my life, my ministry, and my marriage. It was the right support at the right time–I’ll be forever grateful.” – Pastor

“Doing ministry in the fullness of joy is every pastors’ desire.  Denise and Gary Nebeker offer a coaching pathway for you to experience that desire.  Give them the opportunity to help you.” – Pastor and Pastor’s Wife

“‘Even the minister needs ministering to.’ It was through the coaching of Denise and Gary Nebeker that God blew breath and clarity into my ministry. God has truly gifted them with the kind of spiritual discernment that breeds transformation, reformation and a reclamation of joy in one’s work. Together they have had the greatest influence on my personal and professional life. They are true ‘soul friends.'”  – Youth Pastor and College Instructor 

“Denise is a true encourager! During a time of transition, she gave me confidence that God had a new plan for my life. Her coaching helped me to discern what God wanted me to do. Denise also helped me learn to say no to the things that people asked me to do that weren’t part of my mission statement. I would highly recommend Denise Nebeker for her godly wisdom and encouragement.” – Women’s Ministry Leader


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