• You are tired of trying to live up to the pressures and expectations that come from ministry.
  • You are afraid that you don’t have all it takes to continue in the ministry or to be a ministry spouse.
  • You often feel lonely with no one to whom you can safely talk.
  • You get weary of the urgency of “other” people’s problems, while yours seem to go unaddressed.

At LeaderCare Online we understand. We know that far too many in ministry and in leadership are facing these same challenges. And that contributes to the tragedy that far too many Christian ministry leaders are not finishing well. We are here to help you better handle the stresses of the ministry, enhance your marital and family relationships, and navigate the challenges of your unique life and calling. We want to help you RECLAIM YOUR JOY AND PASSION for ministry. You no longer have to walk this road alone.

I’m Denise Nebeker and I’ve spent more than fifteen years helping Christian leaders restore their joy and protect their calling. I want to hear your story and see if we can change some things for the better in your life and ministry. Don’t wait another day. The future of the church is at stake! Email me today for a free consultation.

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Listen to a Radio Interview of Gary & Denise on KCRO’s “Urban Gospel Sunday”

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